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We're looking for someone who cares.
A lot. 

Internship Opportuniy

Current Position:

Social media- Online Lead Generation intern


Under-grads or fresh grads with a curious bent of mind, willing to learn (and apply) market research, marketing communications, and acquire basic graphic design sense vis-a-vis B2B content are invited to apply. 


Duration: 3 months

This is a remote internship. 


The internship has 2 parts: 

1) Identify new business opportunities critical to our short- and long-term growth

2) Develop, plan, execute, and social media and digital content for lead generation for CC


You'll hit the ground running immediately, and we'll rely on your persuasive abilities and creative methods of finding potential clients to help CC grow. You're expected to do lead generation and qualification through digital & social channels and also do cold calling when necessary. This opportunity will also allow you to spearhead the prospecting process. 


Key responsibilities:

  • Monitoring social media platforms to detect new trends and identify and highlight business opportunities (the exciting part) 

  • Creating pitch decks + cold sales emails (the challenging part!) 

  • Lead generation + cold calling (the routine part) 

  • Maintaining records of leads generated, and sales funnel (the meticulous part) 


What to expect

  • The core team will ensure a 1:1 mentorship and help plan milestones during your internship

  • Hands-on experience on live creative projects 

  • Lots of learning! 

  • Handpicked life lessons (you'll never 'OK, Boomer' us. Ever.) 

  • Internship Certificate

  • A recommendation letter that'll make you look like a rock star (which we suspect, you are). 


Also, whether you're graduating and seeking a full-time position after your internship, or hoping to return for another internship next year, you'll be considered for a returning offer. 

Be a conspirator.
Apply now. 

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