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We're small, mostly humble, and hungry for a challenge. 

Content Conspiracy is a new way of practicing writing. 

Hi, we're the conspirators. 

Alongside our core team, we also draw on the expertise of 10+ associate writers. This network allows us to cover more styles, more subjects – and those complex, last-minute projects.

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  • Chaitanya Deshpande Content Writer



  • Priyanca Vaishnav Content Conspiracy


Design Lead

  • Harpreet Singh Content Conspiracy

It began with an email.

Once upon a time, Priyanca wrote a poem. She thought something amiss. She sent it to Chaitanya. He changed one line, and everything fell in line. That was also the start of several email threads reflecting on writing, and life.


Years passed. 


One evening, in October 2017, after being goaded by her mentor and then-boss, Priyanca decided to take a leap of faith. She rang Chaitanya. 


She said, "This might be crazy, but, do you want to conspire to some good writing?" Chaitanya, fresh from quitting his job, now was looking to go back to being the agile freelancer he once was. 

Less than a minute in to the call, he was sold to the idea of wanting to start an agency they both secretly dreamt of. They talked some more, threw ideas in the air, hastily scribbled a manifest, and Priyanca quit her job the next month.


Their ambition was to build an agency that was a sheer joy to work in – and work with. They wanted to make work more like play and to work in partnership with the people and brands that came to them to solve content problems.  


Writing was their forte and they stuck to that for the first year. Always on the lookout for newer challenges, they gave emphasis to value than volume. 


Their word spread. Literally. 


Today, two years on, Content Conspiracy is a team of six. It is a co-op of different writing styles, distinct philosophies, and idiosyncrasies. 


And the story is still being written.

The write stuff. 

We do things differently. We pride ourselves in doing meaningful work. No fluff, sales presentations or gimmicks. Our sole purpose is to help articulate your ideas, knowledge, and perspectives.

Got a project?

Let's conspire! 

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