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A letter for 2021

Dear Friend,

No one is an island entire of itself.

Each one of us is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.

2020 was a unique year in our collective lifetime. Its many seismic shifts forced us all into being islands. It changed the way we connect with each other, and with ourselves.

As it unfolded, this past year turned out be a poignant mirror for our expression and experiences, from individual to communal.

And yet, 2020 taught us that no matter what, it’s important to find an approach to communicate to those who made an impact on our lives our utmost appreciation with sincerity.

This we hope, is ours.

Year 2020 taught us an important lesson: We are more than our output.

Our initial reaction to the pandemic was to hustle harder.

But more work wasn’t the answer to what we were experiencing.

The constraints of isolation forced us all to stop to stand and stare.

It allowed us to catch our breath.

We used the time to reassess our relationship with work, rather than quickly pivot to new projects. We stopped fetishizing work, meeting hours, productivity, and the need to be creatively high-performing.

We are not how much we make.

And that’s what we wish for you. Sit with yourself, your thoughts, sieve through your feelings, and slowly work out what your next move is.

Do the next thing well, or just do the next thing and the next thing and then have a lie down.

If you’re out there and you’re creating and producing and it’s making you feel better right now, then more power to you!

We hope 2021 brings us enough moments to thoughtfully assess where we’re at, how we do things and how we want things to be in the future.

With that, Happy New Year.

Don’t be an island.


Content Conspiracy

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