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Brand communication & web content : Agrisense Harvest


Agrisense Harvest Private Limited is an end-to-end orchard development company founded by lawyer-turned-agripreneur, Ehsan Javaid in 2017. Based in Srinagar, Kashmir, Ehsan’s intention transcends beyond profit-making. Agrisense also aims to nurture and advance Kashmir’s fruit heritage by developing, sharing, and exchanging modern cultivation techniques and technology, in turn invite its youth to contribute to the economy of the region meaningfully.

Our challenge

The average production of apples in Kashmir for 2018-2019 stands at 18 Mts. Kashmir accounts for nearly 70% of India’s apple production. However, at 11 Mt per hectare it still is lower than the global average yield. Changing climatic conditions (hail, rain, etc.) adversely affect any fruiting tree, thus reducing the overall potential of the harvest further.

Introducing newer and more marketable tree types is the need of the hour and a natural progression towards a more sustainable horticulture economy.

Enter Agrisense Harvest, a knowledge-sharing company that provides complete solutions in apple growing like orchard surveys, orchard planning, consultancy and development.

The challenge for Content Conspiracy was to create brand communication and messaging for Agrisense. This messaging had to speak to all stakeholders – the traditional farmer, government bodies, agencies, and financial institutions among others.

The Solution

Kashmir has a legacy of apple cultivation: one that spans decades. We approached writing for the project by deconstructing the outcomes and integrating them backwards.

Instead of trying to approach and write for web platform separately, we proposed a comprehensive content document adaptable across platforms and channels.

We invited stakeholders to experience the excitement of higher yields within shorter periods of time, in turn affording them a more comfortable life, and the pride of being stakeholders to the development of Kashmir. This proposition would also appeal to non-resident Kashmiri investors who wanted a connect with their homeland.

We then created a document that articulated the Vision, Mission, and a clear boilerplate for Agrisense Harvest.

The communication document with plug-and-play content was also used to create the web content and supported with strong, yet simple UX copy for the new Agrisense website.

What we love about it

Any B2C or B2B writing is inexact if the context is amiss, because it affects content opportunities and puts limitations that affect the choices writers make while making content.

While writing for an apple orchard development company, we decided to include the socio-cultural context in which it will be consumed. The first step was to understand the geography, the social milieu, and local horticultural practices.

Ehsan invited us to experience the everyday hurdles growers face in the Kashmir valley. Patiently, he also gave us a background in the socio-economic impact of this activity, and not just the technique and skill of maintaining rows and rows of apple trees.

Our interaction transcended beyond the realms of the temperature-controlled warehousing facility and the model farm. The narrative emerged from food shared over tables, farms and drives as the breathtaking Kashmiri autumn landscapes served as backdrop.

This challenge also rewarded us with the opportunity to take in glimpses of the upper Himalayas, and a ruminant evening by the Jhelum.

Why we love it more?

Agrisense Harvest decided to trust Content Conspiracy with the need for a brochure. As a returning project, we created a brochure using the content document created previously.

To read what we created, visit the Agrisense Harvest website.

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