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Live Event Blogging: NASSCOM


Companies must put technology at the heart of their business. This axiomatic necessity couldn’t have been underscored better than at The NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum (NTLF) 2019.

The NASSCOM Technology & Leadership Forum (NTLF) brings together technology and leaders to exchange ideas about, and the very ‘business of tech’. The 2019 edition of NTLF emphasized on the theme #TheNext: Opportunity vs Reality. For three days, the forum of technology evangelists, speakers, and attendees discussed where things ‘really’ are in terms of adoption of new technologies, the pace of adoption, the level of disruption, and the real impact delivered.

The Challenges

NASSCOM’s NTLF is an annual global knowledge sharing event for everything related to technology, disruption, and leadership. For its flagship 2019 edition, the client raised the bar for technology events of this scale adding a new layer of communication – real-time blog updates on the sessions. Co-ordinated by Genesis BCW, NASSCOM’s PR & communications agency, each session had to be attended, outlined, and reported in 18 different pieces.

Content Conspiracy partnered with Genesis BCW for the opportunity to do what we do best – write – and get up close to the world of technology and businesses. However, maneuvering and distributing a schedule across three days with the best of speakers, panels, themes proved to be a lesson in logistics!

Our Solution

Research is the fastest and safest way to find solution to a problem, especially where one owns client communication and has to write in their tone and voice. Our research involved three different steps: familiarization, context, and domain knowledge.

Research began by reading blogs published previously by NASSCOM. We acquainted ourselves with the tone and voice of the client by studying press releases, industry reports, and other reportage of previous editions of the event.

Next, we combed through the NTLF 2019 microsite and mapped the journey of a registered attendee. We did this to understand how participants behaved during the event, how they received information, and what content interested them on a busy conference day. Insights emerged on specific topics and speaker sessions that participants looked forward to. We also discovered attendee profiles that proved important in understanding participant demographic and this helped set the context. Through this research, we also tracked relevant hashtags and tuned in to the virtual chatter about NTLF.

An important learning curve was domain knowledge. As someone entrusted with the responsibility to articulate the speakers and their expertise, we took care in reading and studying enough material that gave us a good grasp of the topics. This is relevant because the blog readership was a diverse mix of industry experts, policymakers, general audience, and media houses.

The last piece of the puzzle was then simply a matter of being in the right room at the right time for the right session. We, the two partners, and now the two reporters, organized our sessions, synced calendars to avoid overlap, and did what we do best – write.

Why we loved it

The conference was an opportunity for us to witness the impact of digital technology on businesses and process first-hand. We met industry leaders, networked with prospective clients, received peer advice, and also add a valuable area of expertise within our skill-set – writing about technology.

Highlights included Marco Tempest’s magical use of technology, Thomas Friedman’s eye-opening plenary on technology, society, politics, and world economy, and Arundhati Bhattacharya’s no-nonsense, hard-hitting lessons on scaling businesses.

Covering this event not only expanded our horizons but also our understanding of the global, omnipresent impact of technology.

We landed GlobalLogic as a client; had wonderful discussions about tech and content with Managing Director - LogMeIn, Rahul Sharma and their Head of Marketing, Rebecca Kurien, and Global Co-Leader - Cyber Security at KPMG, Akhilesh Tuteja. Tech blogger, Katya Naidu selflessly parted with some priceless advice that we’ve since put in practice for clients like AIDA and GlobalLogic.

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