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Workshop design: LXME Financial Bootcamp

Our Challenge

LXME, an online investment service and financial planning tool for women, first approached us when they were brainstorming to create an engagement and awareness model to build audience for the app.

The idea was to create workshop that inspires a wave of financially fearless women actively managing money and making independent investment decisions to achieve their dreams.

Our Solution

Content Conspiracy began working with LXME on two fronts. First, we designed a 2-hour workshop to fast-track women's relationship with money, and progress from Making Your Own Money (MYOM) to Growing Your Own Money (GYOM).

We removed the assumption of financial literacy being technical and/or hermeneutic training. We wanted to clear the doubts that investing is complicated and that risks can be mitigated with proper knowledge. Understanding what participants know, and what we wanted them to learn was critical. The workshop was an opportunity to inspire, provoke, and delight participants. Relevant activities, specific to the content, that provided reflection and prompted interactions within the group were included.

Most importantly, we downsized content to make the learning curve less steep and more friendly. We broke down theories and concepts and made sure knowledge was increased incrementally, and supported with real-life anecdotes to facilitate understanding.

Why We Love It

The workshop focuses on a unique trend of more career women adopting for financial independence. It builds a positive and strong association with money, while also bringing out the criticality of money management as an essential life-skill.

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