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Moment Marketing and such

Unsurprising that brands would do this. Not surprised that Ms. Sindhu and her team are doing this either. Though, i'm not sure how much it's really rooted in 'protecting' our athletes and 'their' rights.

Glossy marketing terminology like 'moment marketing' allows pulling wool over eyes. Not only is it disrepectful, it should be embarassing that any brand's (marketing) communications team would ratify such a communication.

Here's a tip: Don't be tone-deaf. (read this blog)

Alas, today, everything is 'moment marketing'. If we've leveraged a pandemic to sell our goods and services, then this is a moment of jubilation. Of course, nobody wants to miss this boat.

The real test is knowing where to draw a line with your communication, how to draw it, and how long should it extend.

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