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Why value writing skills in employees more?

The ability to translate your thoughts and feelings into well-constructed text is an essential skill. Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixIt, reveals that he has new applicants take a grammar test before working at his company, regardless of whether they're applying for the post of writer or not. If a flair for writing was the normative hiring criteria, most of us would wonder why. Especially if the organization’s focus lies out of academia, training, advertising, or fields that are usually considered to be stars in the galaxy of pen & paper.

But the truth remains that those who bring good structure to information are also likely bring more value to the workplace.

Here are few reasons why :

Raises the bar

Good writing conveys a good sense of communication. A strong hold on language and punctuation, accompanied by the understanding of giving structure - is at the core of communicating effectively. While tasks change, the need for writing remains constant. The need for communicating - internal or external remains constant. From drafting an email to creating reports to tweeting about the organisation culture and success - articulating information matters, and the words you use matter more. Good writers raise the bar with their communication skills - for their teams, and their organisation.

Better Marketing

A know how of good writing is crucial to marketing. Writing skills bind the other hundred features of your company - culture, work ethic, stakeholders etc. Good writing is imperative to showcasing qualities.

It’s more true for individuals too! A good ol’ friend of mine, for instance, missed out on a job opportunity not because he was unfit for the role, but simply because he was unable to market his skillset. Writing skills come to fore even before you start your corporate grind, and especially when in the grind. From resume writing, to SOPs, to cover letters - they way you write, sells you. Ditto for the company.

Increases credibility

Credibility is a function of how competent a writer an individual is. The horrors of an ill-structured email full of poor grammar and vocabulary is exemplar enough. On the other hand, a structured email which has been articulated well is a pleasant read - more importantly, a possible conversion. Now think of all the written communication that goes out from an organisation - you can’t have templates for all, but you can have writing skills that communicate well.

It works inbound too - recognising well- written text from one that was crafted with little or not enough effort put into it, is a skill that comes with good writing. Proper writing skills communicate the ability to be trusted and increases the desire engage and be engaged with. If your attitude towards writing is casual, it could appear to be the case in other aspects of your work as well. 

Understanding context

Every written piece conveys a different tone of voice. A good understanding of writing also involves gauging the context and writing accordingly. Proposing services to a potential client and updating your business partner about work would involve two completely different writing styles. A workplace entails many such instances  - , each contextually varied. Recognising the need of the hour, and chameleoning your writing is a skill that makes teams and organisations more agile and flexible. would enrich organisations. 

Always remember that having excellent writing skills is not just a must but also something you just won’t be able to do without. Writing skills will pay off. That's because, being a good writer is more than just clear writing. It  is a sign of clear thinking.

Clear thinking employees are more likely to help the organisation reach for the stars. The way of writing equivalent to the speed of light. 

Image Courtesy: Pexels

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