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Here are a few questions we often get asked

A primer to what and how we do what we do. 

  • What is Content Conspiracy?
    Thanks for asking! We wrote a blog that answers this question.
  • How long have you been writing? What have you written before?
    Priyanca has been part of the media & communications arena for the past 12 years and has immersive experience in writing in Education, Entrepreneurship, Infrastructure, Agriculture, and Investment & Insurance across employee-, corporate-, and investor communication, and marketing. Her experience of covers writing marketing collateral, blogs, thought pieces, branded content, research & investor reports, corporate film scripts and event reportage. -- Chaitanya has ten years of experience in writing for digital and print. His work spans diverse industries and projects, including 2 National Award-winning films. Essentially a writer, Chaitanya thinks visually and has flair for communication design. He has written ad copy, brand messages, popular science articles, film scripts, event identities, pedagogical content, marketing material, decks, blogs, and website copy. -- Find us on LinkedIn Priyanca VaishnavChaitanya Deshpande
  • What kinds of projects do you generally work on?
    We are domain agnostic and do all sorts of writing and creative work. However, a large body of our professional work has been in: a) Education b) Entrepreneurship & Leadership c) Engineering, Construction, and Infrastructure d) Agriculture e) Finance f) Real Estate g) Healthcare h) Women’s issues i) Media j) Logistics
  • How do you deliver a project?
    Deliverables for writing, content strategy, and planning will be editable MS Office files (.doc, .ppt, .xls) or shared on Google Docs - we love Google Suite! For design work, we usually deliver files in high-resolution print-ready PDF formats, or a file compatible with Adobe Illustrator.
  • What are your engagement models?
    For Content Conspiracy, every project is unique. We don't cut the same cloth when it comes to content and communication needs. Because each project is different, we don’t have a rate card of stock project pricing. We like to keep it simple, and tailor content to the requirement and objective of the brand. Typically, we work on the following models: a) Project Fees are quoted based on the nature of the work. Benefit: No fixed cost. Ideal for: Pilot projects, test-runs, ad-hoc, and one-off requirements. b) Retainer A fixed monthly fee is charged, for pre-determined recurring monthly requirement. Benefit: Helps execute content marketing strategy. Flexibility to choose services. Ideal for: Ongoing communications and campaigns. c) FTE Full-time equivalent (FTE) or whole-time equivalent (WTE) is a model where billing is based on the hours worked (on a full-time basis). Benefit: Ease of coordination, revisions and faster response, flexibility. Like your in-house team. Ideal for: Complex “building-stage” projects with multiple stakeholders and multi-level approval
  • How much will this cost?
    In our experience, your confidence is most valuable. Pricing is only a necessary formality rather than a decision-making factor. Before quoting a cost, we go to great lengths to understand your requirements, expectations, and result metrics. Most of our value-clients place confidence in us after they’ve seen our work and are convinced of our capabilities. We send a proposal only after understanding the project brief inside out.
  • I want to start working. Are you available?
    We’re always ready for something new! During our briefing process, we try to get an indication of expected timeframes. This is a good way to ensure that we don’t overcommit and your time isn’t wasted. If there is a strong reason for a hard deadline, we can always accommodate you. At a cost, of course. Rest assured, we’ve seldom missed a deadline.
  • Why do I need a copywriting agency?
    Outsourcing writing for business isn’t as common as graphic designing or branding. But just like making a logo or a website, you need specialist business writers. When it comes to brand content and communication, these problems exist: a) Your business is too young to have a dedicated content team. b) Your content needs do not justify dedicated full-time resources. c) Identifying, and hiring, experienced writers is time consuming and tedious. ​ As an agency, Content Conspiracy is dependable and consistent. Our mission is to solve communication challenges for brands regardless of size, sector, and location across channels and platforms. We own your brand voice and give it a unique style, tone, and vocabulary. We understand your business and your audience and can write for B2B or B2C audience across platforms. More importantly, as an agency, we bring a high degree of timely responsiveness. This helps us help you create a customized, contextual, and cost-effective communication strategy. Convinced? Let's work together!
  • We are a design / advertising/ web development company and looking to outsource content requirements. How can you help us?
    Awesome! We’re always looking for strategic partnerships because there’s so much to learn, share, and build value upon. We can meet content writing and copywriting requirements with a method that goes hand-in-hand with your design or execution process. We’re your backstage, you’re the star on the stage.
  • We are a start-up. How can you help us?
    Our mission to solve communication challenges for brands regardless of size, sector, and location across channels and platforms. As a start-up, you’re our most favourite project already! If you've gotten as far as a developed product or service, we can help you clearly articulate your mission and vision, create a brand voice and tone, and also build a comprehensive content marketing strategy. If you've already sorted all that, we can cut to the task of increasing your content repository by writing engaging pieces to gather eyeballs and build your audience base.
  • What about volunteer work and not-for-profits?
    We’re in! We can contribute our services in writing, editing, design for brochures, websites, reports, and even workshops. Tell us how, where, when…
  • Do we need to meet?
    Meeting in person is nice, but not necessary. Technology allows for projects to be managed via phone, email, and video conferencing. That said, we’re always excited to go to new places mixing business with pleasure.

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