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What is the challenge in writing that excites you?

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Challenges are great; they make for great stories. We tried being as succinct as possible. Sometimes you just brave out and rise to the challenges. There are no other times...


The challenge is to get the reader to react and re-act. You encircle the reader within a web of words and prompt an action. Sometimes it’s an ad copy or a web banner, most of the times it’s a blog or an article. It could also be a script or a video super.

You lose the reader the moment your words stop being relevant. And that’s the thrill.

When I read something that blows my mind, I pause. I soak it in. I re-read it. I think about it. A lot. How did the writer create that wow? What’s the modus operandi? How do I replicate it in my work?

If I find out how and can pull it off in my next piece, great! If I can’t, then I go back and try something else.

That’s the challenge I see in writing. Of words being clever-er than last time I use them.


As human beings we go through phases of phrases that we make use of quite often. One challenge is to get away from that space of complacency as as often as one can.

Having a partner/ editor helps there.

The other challenge is the fear of not knowing about a subject area. The third and most critical challenge is striking the balance between writing too little and too much. As a writer, one is always walking the tightrope of being verbose or being constrained by brevity.

The fourth challenge for me is pretty lame - conclusions.

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