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Why is Content Conspiracy a partnership?

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

This question needs answering. The answer is an honest and comfortable truth. Together, we form a necessary paradox; not a senseless contradiction.


A writer needs many windows. Sticking your neck constantly out of one is neither healthy nor productive. Thanks to the intrinsic differences in our personalities, we have the opportunity to explore several. We agree to disagree on most things; our writerly egos are thus muzzled.

Personally, having a work-partner also means I don’t engage my morals over practicals. It’s not my innate quality and having a foil like Priyanca is a real-world upgrade. It’s professionalism mutualism.

As a content writer, my work is a dominant part of my identity. I’m demanding and take work personally. I feel like Atlas carrying the weight of the world. Mistakes are normal, but being too self-critical isn’t.

With Priyanca as a co-op I can afford to shrug. That is a huge relief and allows me to work more with more freedom.


I’ve donned many hats in the past - coordinator, logistician, handling pricing commercials and budgeting, drawing up contracts and nitpicking terms that others tried to dictate. In all of this administrative cacophony, someone pointed out the writer in me had vanished.

To be honest, I like improving upon existing writing - not actually starting from a blank page. In order to do that though, I needed someone who would hustle along when we were just starting, and shoulder the responsibility instead of perceiving it as bearing some cortege burden.

Chaitanya and I discovered each other as writers, but we are also each others editors.

In that, we sometimes complete each other’s sentences, and at other times, strike through each other’s sentences.

The only advice I had received when I was toying with the idea of turning entrepreneur was to not try to do it all on my own. En route, much after we began building the brand, I also discovered it was as important to have a partner who is a fearless initiator.

Chaitanya is the sounding board, the voice of reason, and a reminder of the dream that Content Conspiracy is - and not ever let it turn into unnecessary drama.

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